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Tourist Attractions – What to see and do.

Hoima from being a sleepy backwater for many years is now firmly on the map with the discovery of oil reserves in the Kaiso area of the Lake Albert rift valley region. Hoima was somewhat of a staging post for visitors travelling on to Murchison Falls National Park and Masindi where those same visitors would again transit the town en-route to Fort Portal on what is an extremely hard and long travelling day.

Hotel Hoima KonTiki is ideally situated to provide comfortable accommodation with some significant historical sites and places of interest from which to visit from our venue. With the advent a wonderful tarmac road from Kampala staying in Hoima adds so much more value to the quality of your visit to Uganda.

Hotel KonTiki is able to make available local guides for visits to the town and places of interest to enhance your stay.

Local Attractions:

Hoima Town– The town has a unique vibrancy where you will be well received and welcomed. Browse the daily market and surrounding shops to pick up a few essentials for your onward journey. Hoima is a great place to sit and enjoy a drink watching life pass you by on the streets of the town as residents and traders go about their business and people pack into and embark from buses and taxis to travel to and from destinations further afield.

St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral – Located in lovely grounds some 2 km from the town centre in the direction of the Butiaba road. A beautiful serene site in the early mornings. A visit for Sunday mass is a very special experience whatever your faith.

Mparo Tombs – Located 4 km along the Masindi road, Mparo was chosen as the capital of King Omukama Kabarega of Bunyoro in 1872 where he was interred in 1923. The burial ritual was quite grisly and best described by the guide when visiting the site to more fully imagine the scene at the time. The gravesite includes many of the Kaberega’s personal effects in a dome-like structure made from natural materials similar to the more famous Kasubi Tombs in Kampala.

Hoima Royal Palace – The throne room of Bunyoro – Kitara in Hoima is open to visitors by prior arrangement. The throne room includes the traditional nine-legged throne swathed in leopard skins and barkcloth. An array of spears, royal headdresses and musical instruments are on display.

Katasiha Fort – Situated 2 km from Hoima on the Biso – Butiaba road was the largest fort built by General Colville after the Kabarega abandoned his capital in Mparo in 1893. All that remains today is the 8-meter deep trench (partially filled in) that had surrounded it

Attractions further afield:

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve – The reserve is a 70 km 90 minute journey from Hoima. The reserve This is the newest of Uganda’s protected areas bordering the huge body of water that is Lake Albert and the escarpment of the Albertine Rift Valley.

The reserve is dominated by beautiful grasslands where Uganda kob, buffalo, Jackson’s hartebeest and warthog are to be seen. A huge waterfall that cascades off the escarpment into the reserve is to be seen on one of the access routes into/out of the reserve that is truly spectacular.

Butiaba – This sleepy fishing village on the shore of Lake Albert is where the wreck of Lake steamer SS Coryndon lies that sunk in the floods of 1962 during an era when the continents rift valley lakes where extensively used to traverse the continent. Visit this site en-route to Murchison Falls National Park.

The Royal Mile – Budongo Forest – A day visit to this one of East Africa’s premiere birding locations is very achievable from Hotel KonTiki. With a driving time of not more than 90 minutes a visit to the Royal Mile could easily be part of a full circuit to include places of interest returning to Hoima via Masindi.

The Murchison Falls National Park – This is a full days excursion entering the national park from the Lake Albert escarpment route returning to Hoima through the Budongo Forest and Masindi. This makes for a spectacular journey where the launch trip up the nile to view the main falls from which the park has taken its name is one of the main highlights for anyone visiting the park.

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